Apr 082020

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Sociopathic Therapist Manipulates Two Patients Into Bondage Bait & Switch
Emily Hunter (Scarlett Sage) is a young woman reeling from a bad breakup. Fortunately, she’s been getting through it, one day at a time, with help from her therapist, Dr. Hannah Levy (Angela White). It’s not just losing her girlfriend that Emily is upset about, but how Emily was shamed for her love of bondage, which ultimately led to the relationship crashing and burning.
Little does Emily know, Dr. Levy’s grown attached to her during their sessions… and during their final session, she offers a casual hookup to help Emily get back into the saddle, so to speak. However, she’s shot down by Emily, who insists that she’s just not ready. After thanking the good doctor for all of her help, Emily takes her to leave. She’s excited to finally leave the office behind and embrace life.
Although Dr. Levy’s calm on the outside, she doesn’t like being rejected one bit. When her next patient, Sue Loman (Serena Blair), arrives, she starts to put her devious plan into action. Sue thinks highly of Dr. Levy, always so eager to please, and there’s NOTHING Sue won’t do for her…
Dr. Levy is going to have Emily all tied up, one way or another.
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