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Pledge Night Origins Parts 1 and 2

Pledge Night Origins Parts 1 and 2
Part 1:
It’s a throwback to the 80’s when Alpha Tau Zeta was just kicking off. The House Mother, Julia Ann (played by Scarlett Sage), is just a starry-eyed eighteen year old college girl. She learns that there is a little more to the sorority than she had anticipated. Scarlett is in a bind, she’s to sleep with one of the founding women to help pay her dues, but she’s never had sex with a girl before. She looks to her best girlfriend, Jenna Sativa, for guidance. Watch the story unfold..

Part 2:
Laura (Scarlett Sage) has decided to sacrifice her friend, Kathryn (Kiara Cole), to Ms. Williams (Serene Siren). Kathyrn loves her dear friend, Scarlett, and would do anything for her. She admires Scarlett, and hopes that in return, Scarlett will become best friends with her.
The two women come into Ms. William’s bedroom just as she is stepping out of the shower. Ms. Williams looks over sweet Kathyrn with an approving smile, "yes, you’ll do just fine." Scarlett leaves the room as Kathryn lays down on Ms. William’s bed. Kathyrn is nervous, scared, but completely turned on by the beautiful Ms. Williams. Watch the story unfold..
Jenna Sativa, Scarlett Sage, Serene Siren, Kiara Cole
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn ,submission,humiliation,facesitting,pussy eating licking

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