Dec 202016

In the latest installment of Vril: The Awakening, Two FemmBats have been dispatched by the League of Amazing Women to find their missing sisters. So the two tracked the missing heroines as best they could. Some street informants politely gave up some information after being coerced some. So the FemmBats went to an old abandoned pumping station that is no longer in use. As the two looked around one headed up. The other FemmBat found an old utility hatch that looked like it had been opened recently. So she climbed down into the underground room. As FemmBat (played by Raquel Roper) got down into the room she was surprised to find that what should old and dirty was in fact someones living area. The room had furniture and even a bed. The area was clean and looked lived in. There was also a bevvy of sex toys hanging around all of which disturbed the poor FemmBat. The young heroine was looking around the room when she failed to notice the arrival of her worst nightmare.Having failed miserably to investigate this room, the lone FemmBat was just about to pay a huge price for her incompetence. Vril spun her around and FemmBat gasped as she knew she was in for a real fight. What the young heroine lacked in tactical awareness she did not lack courage. But she was no match at all for Vril (played by Amazon Goddess Saharra Huxly). FemmBat fought back as best she could. But as her beating got worse and worse she began desperately trying to escape. All the while she was calling her partner who was not answering.It tool Vril only as long as she wanted it to take. But finally it was over. Now stripped the young FemmBat was about to discover what real sex was. Vril thrived on the power she obtained from her victims orgasms and superheroines gave the best! So Vril began to force the little heroine to cum over and over again. Vril ate her hot little heroine pussy and fucked her nearly to orgasmic . Finally the sated Amazon left poor FemmBat in a heap of sexual exhaustion. Finally her sidekick, the other FemmBat arrived. The two began to argue…
Keywords: saharra huxly, raquel roper
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