I am very excited to present this match featuring the blonde beautiful and talented MMA fighter, Andi Vicious 5’9″ 150 lbs and Slim Stunning brunette Agatha Delicious 5’8″ 128 lbs with oodles of wiry strength! Andi is a Blue Belt in jujitsu and Agatha is a white belt but don’t let that and her slim build fool you! She is tough as nails, as is Andi! Constance joins the ensemble as the guest referee who looks forward to joining in on the humiliation round following the match!! The gals face off and go at it hard from the start! They go for a take down, Agatha catches Andi in her guard. A couple of good moves and the girls are already breathing hard as Constance interrupts asking the wrestlers to remove their tops! Nobody will complain about the girls taking their tops off but perhaps this should have happened less abruptly! They take it all off so there will be no further interruptions! The two sexy naked opponent s continue to fight! The sweat soon starts to appear on these beautiful bodies as they fight on. Both are showing off some incredible core strength! A submission by a choke hold smother is gained just after 7 minutes! These powerful fighters continue immediately! There is a lot of scrambling for the mount! It’s back and forth and very exciting and extremely technical! Now both beauties are sweating profusely in this physically demanding match! It’s hard for them to hold onto a submission hold, long enough to gain the submission, before somebody slips away because of the amount of sweat! But a very well applied short arm scissor gets one opponent a 2nd submission! The sweat begins to look like an oil wrestling match! Agatha and Andi are in an all out technical brawl! After more attempts and escapes another perfectly applied choke submission is scored! This match is on fire! These women never tire! It’s 100% rigorous effort until the end! Constance announces the final score 2-1! This is an EXCELLENT match! Andi and Agatha give 120% physical and mental effort as they both fight to win! This will not disappoint! And the icing on the cake is that they are just so damn gorgeous in their birthday suits!!!


After an incredible competitive battle, both Agatha Delicious and Andi Vicious are soaked in sweat! And that sweat will add to the humiliation of the loser! The referee, Constance, joins in. She loves face sitting so she sits in her cute referee striped Calvin Klein thong covered ass, right on Agatha’s face. A nice sexy smother! There is a lot of Titty Play, Nipple Play! Scissor Play! Pussy Play! The loser is made to worship the winner’s body! Biceps! Thighs! Abs! The loser is really enjoying this! They turn the loser on her back and ride her pussy, grinding away on her, making her explode. They decide she needs a 2nd orgasm. They ride her and play with her pussy and she explodes again! She is in heaven when they ask if she wants to come again! She gives an emphatic YES! Now they roll her onto her knees doggy style and reach around playing with her pussy again! And tugging on her nipples! They work her up into a very arousing third orgasm! Three amazing orgasms! Does this seem like humiliation to you? The loser is having a wonderful time being dominated by two beautiful women! Even though she lost the match, this is more like a reward round than a humiliation round! Thoughts!??? All I can say is WOW! SEXY!!!!! And then there are four! Four what, you ask! Four very stimulating, sensuous, wild, erotic, wet and wild explosions! YOWZA!!!
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