Raquel Roper – Fuck You

Naturally, with my recent purchase of this lovely pair of "Fuck You" glistening latex gloves… I’ll need someone to break them in with. Can you imagine? The sensation of me lubing them up and slowly sliding each finger inside of you. I would start with one, however quickly working my way up to two as I curl them inside of you; reaching towards your prostate. Your hole would become so greedy for my slick fingers, that sliding in from three to four would come with ease. Your teeth clenching your bottom lip as your insides suck more of my fingers deeper and deeper inside of you. Exploring within you. You’d feel my entire hand within you eventually, stretching you wide open as I pump it balled up in and out of you. My spit dripping down from my lips onto your hole as lube. So many slimy fantasies and vulgar positions come to mind with my "Fuck You" gloves, truly…
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