Raquel Roper – So, You Really Want To Be My Girl

You say you want to be a good girl, yet you have no idea what it truly takes. It’s so much deeper than changing your appearance; especially if you desire to be MY good girl. I have desires, expectations in which you will have to meet and abide by if you wish for me to train you into the good girl we both know you crave to be. Perhaps you’re scared of diving into something you know that’s been calling you, your true self. Or maybe you’re just a slut looking for an owner, a sense of direction and purpose. I bet you think you have a clue simply by viewing videos of how I’ve trained my other girls, stripping every part of their manhood from them. The truth? You’ll never know until you find out for yourself. This video is a good place to start. So, you really want to be my girl? Prove it.
sissy training,sissification,crossdressing,joi,strapon pov feminization

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