“Under Her Influence: Revenge” Part 3 – Tilly McReese MIND FUCKS Savannah Costello & Nyssa Nevers 4K

Here is a the HOT conclusion part 3 of the mini series “Under Her Influence: Revenge.” Featuring Tilly McReese as the -loving schoolgirl who continues to get over on her rival, her college professor Savannah Costello, as well as Detective Nyssa Nevers, who was brought into the mix. In Part 1 we saw Professor Costello, donning a catsuit and boots, sneak in and ambush Tilly, her aim to make Tilly confess to her mesmerizing crimes. Unfortunately for her, she was put under Tilly’s spell, and then charmed to call Detective Nevers to come join the fun. Part 2 saw them both get captured and charmed, and things heat up here in Part 3!
Opening up in the back bedroom, Tilly has Professor Costello and Detective Nevers laid out on the bed, side by side, completely MESERMIZED and under her control. Having mind-fucked both of them, she commands them to begin enjoying each other. They each begin to STRIP EACH OTHER DOWN to their pantyhose, and Professor Costello uses her mouth on Detective Nevers pantyhose-covered pussy, making her cum. Tilly sits in the background masturbating herself and watching the action. Tilly then has Professor Costello get on all fours, and Detective Nevers is made to use her hand to orgasm Professor Costello while Tilly lays back and MASTURBATES next to them!
After having her sexual fun with these professional ladies, Tilly commands them to get dressed again, and then MIND FUCKS Detective Nevers into thinking that Savannah, in her catsuit, is actually a burglar and Tilly is an innocent home owner! When they’re brought out from Tilly’s control, Detective Nevers subdues Professor Costello who tries to plead her case but is ch0ked out! As Detective Nevers does a quick search nearby, once she’s out of earshot, Tilly whispers to the completely out Professor Costello naughty things about how she once again got over on her. She quickly gives Savannah’s nylon foot a lick with her tongue, and then plays “innocent” again when Detective Nevers reenters. In the end, Detective Nevers is MIND FUCKED into OTS Carrying Professor Costello away, Tilly laughing about how she had her way with both of them, dreaming about who’s next!
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