A WONDERFUL RECRUITMENT – Wonder Woman (as her alter-ego Officer Adams) Attempts a rescue from cult leader Tilly McReese (w/ Tomiko!) 49-MINUTE LONG EPIC PLS CHECK THIS ONE OUT (great custom client project)!
Here is a HOT NEW Custom project from one of my great clients! In A WONDERFUL RECRUITMENT, Rachel Adams stars as Wonder Woman. Today she’s in her alter-ego as Officer Adams, a tough by-the-book police officer, having heard a rumor of missing women (Tomiko being the latest). Ties to a cult of some kind, with a ring leader named Tilly (Tilly McReese)!

Inside the warehouse of evil cult leader Tilly, we see the latest victim Tomiko, bound strappado, ballgagged, as Tilly enters. It seems Tilly is creating her own private cult army, capturing and brainwashing her victims. Tomiko is the latest she’s working on. Tilly taunts and teases Tomiko, who can only moan and struggle. Outside the warehouse, we see Officer Adams sneak up. She hears the distress sounds, and decides to investigate!

Back to the garage, and more torment for Tomiko. Tilly lets her know she’s fully aware of what’s happening, and will take care of the situation. She sleepy cloth’s Tomiko. Outside the compound, Officer Adams, weapon in hand, sneaks nearby. From behind, Tilly grabs her with the sleepy cloth! She struggles, but is soon completely helpless.

Coming around, we find Officer Adams bound to a chair, cleave gagged. Tomiko is bound hand and foot nearby. Tilly enters, spending a long session tormenting and teasing both Officer Adams and Tomiko, who seems to be a bit more willing now (I wonder if Tilly’s cultish spell is working on her?). After Till’s had her fun, she leaves Officer Adams to struggle in the chair, and Tomiko bound to moan in her almost-willing struggles. Officer Adams eventually gets freed (her escape is shown), and once free, tries to untie and assist Tomiko in a rescue. But Tomiko is reluctant, the cultish spell of Tilly working on her. Tomiko refuses to leave her mistress, so Officer Adams leaves but vows to come back with help!

We now see Officer Adams as Wonder Woman! She’s in the warehouse, and vows to put an end to this evilness! As Tilly is gloating on the floor of her main room, Wonder Woman surprises her! A big fight ensues, as Wonder Woman completely dominates Tilly! Tilly is tossed about, until she’s bear hugged by WW. A big struggle, but soon she’s out in WW’s arms. WW wants to bring her to justice, but first, a little payback! WW REMOVES TIlly’s boots, before tying her hand and foot while she’s helplessly a limp plaything. WW then wakes her up, and INTERROGATES Tilly! But Tilly plays it cool, and reveals nothing, only offering taunts. WW has heard enough, as she HOGTIES Tilly and BALL GAGS HER! Just as WW thinks she’s won the day, we see Tomiko (now fully a cult member) sneak up behind WW and use a sleepy cloth on her! WW struggles but is soon helplessly out. Tilly praises her newest cult pet for doing a good job.

We now find WW having been stripped of her corset and panties, in just pantyhose and boots, bound hands above her head, panel gagged and crotch-roped to a pillar! Tilly and Tomiko are there, abusing her with slaps and nipple twisting, punches and more. They take turns tormenting WW, with Tilly teasing her about her fate as an eventual cult member! WW eventually gives in, and is sleepy clothed out.

In the end, we move back to a bedroom. Tomiko is sitting in the bed, mockingly wearing WW’s tiara. WW is collared by Tilly, who takes her around for walkies on the bed. Later, we see WW bound SPREAD EAGLE on the bed and ball gagged with Tilly and Tomiko tormenting her yet again. They promise all kinds of naughty things for her fate as they tease her about what will happen, as they leave her!
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