Wonder Woman, Slave of the Yakuza

Wonder Woman, Slave of the Yakuza is an outstanding fan custom produced by CC Production. Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) fought valiantly to destroy the human ring of the Jinshin-Baibai a syndicate of the Yakuza. A new, rising adversary, Lady Nyotei (Nyssa Nevers) aims to prove herself to the Yakuza by capturing and breaking the Amazon Princess. Clip Contains superheroine peril, cosplay, rope bondage, device bondage, suspension, humiliation, flogging, tired cloth, fucking machine blowjob, orgasm denial, and orgasm.
Categories Bondage,Cosplay,Flogging,Made To Cum,Super Villain Christina Carter,Wonder Woman,Nyssa Nevers,Humiliation
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Duration: 00:28:39 Resolution: 1280×720 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 636.99 MB

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