Feb 112021

BP – Pain Slave Audition ends in Catastrophe

BP – Pain Slave Audition ends in Catastrophe
The Brat Princesses are auditioning a new pain slave. Chloe, Jackie, Macy, and Raquel Roper want to see if it can take decent ball kicks. Macy starts off the audition. Then Jackie, Raquel, and Chloe take their turns. The auditionee is taking kicks well-enough, but the girls want to be able to give him their hardest. Only a few select slaves who can take the hardest kicks and punches can satisfy the sadistic desires of a Brat Princess. The auditionee really pushes himself to be able to impress the beautiful girls. He pushes himself further than he can handle and takes one last kick from Miss Chloe that takes him out. His injury is just too severe for the camera to capture. This clip is very hot and very brutal!
ballbusting,ballkicking,balls busting,femdom gangbang

Duration: 00:10:51 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 997.68 MB

Download – BP_-_Pain_Slave_Audition_ends_in_Catastrophe.mp4

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