Nightwing and Batwoman – Enslaved Sluts to the Mindflayer

MINDFLAYER: I certainly will. And as an appetizer, you’re going to masturbate for me. (he waves his hand, and Nightwing’s hand moves involuntarily to her crotch. She starts rubbing her pussy through her costume)
NIGHTWING: No! Why can’t I stop myself?
MINDFLAYER: Haha! You see, that’s the beauty of the sluttification spell. Every bit of pleasure you give yourself increases the spell’s potency, and my power over you!
Nightwing continues to masturbate standing up for the next couple of minutes, protesting but increasingly drawing pleasure from rubbing her pussy and massaging her breasts. Various exchanges between her and Mindflayer can be improvised. The scripted dialogue then continues:
MINDFLAYER: Surely it’s unsatisfying to touch yourself over your costume Nightwing? You’d do a much better job exposed.
NIGHTWING: No.I must fight this! (She makes a heroic effort and she manages to pull her hand away from her crotch)
MINDFLAYER: Here, let me help you. (He waves his hand and most of Nightwing’s costume disappears. Her pussy, butt and breasts are exposed, but she still has on gloves, boots, mask (and if possible any middle/torso section of her costume like her belt)
NIGHTWING: (Shocked, she looks at her exposed body) Curse you Mindflayer! I will get you for this.
She fights it, but her hand is moving back to her crotch. She touches it and moans in pleasure, before continuing to masturbate. She sinks to her knees masturbating, the pleasure overcoming her for another minute, but she makes another massive effort and removes her hand. Her confidence returns.
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