Jan 242019

American Anthem – Helpless against the Reaper

American Anthem – Helpless against the Reaper
American Anthem is searching an abandoned building for stolen military equipment. She comes face to face with hired hitman Reaper. All of her training and heightened abilities are useless against an enemy that can negate any type of energy, The evil thug can even steal all her kinetic energy, effectively paralyzing her. Ash Anthem stands nearly frozen in place Reaper takes a moment to enjoy her helpless state and gropes her however he likes, he then carries her off for the rest of his plan.
Reaper allows Anthem to move again but explains he is too make an example of her, to disgrace her and then, if his employers decide it, execute her. He even demonstrates by using his powers to slow Anthem’s heart to a full stop. Before she expires he releases his power and Anthem comes back to life with a desperate gasp. Reaper continues to taunt and threaten the superheroine while forcing her to cum, until he feels she has had enough.
Now Anthem is in for the final humiliation as, still bound and knowing she cannot fight her enemies terrifying power, she is fucked without mercy until Reaper forces his cock in down her throat and pumps out a huge load. He tells her that the call for execution came and it is her end. The villain stops her heart and she goes limp, but at the last minute her brings her back. The truth is, a broken, terrified superheroine is better than a ded one
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