Lux Lives VS Rocky Emerson

Two sexy models, both over 6 ft tall, take each other on in Competitive Lesbian Wrestling. Rocky Emerson has wrestling experience from her school years. She has a slight height advantage over Miss Lux, who has done lesbian wrestling in the past and has always wanted to be in the WWE. She has a jobber kind of attitude, so she is in for a world of hurt today since this is real wrestling with no predetermined outcome. Her dramatic antics are great for the WWE, but will they do her any good here, where we have Evolved? These girls both have legs for days, but Lux Lives does have a big weight advantage. After a very hard fought sexy battle, the winner is determined. The loser is fucked with a miserable look on her face. She really, really did not want to lose today. The winner tribfucks the loser and cums all over her.
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