Apr 292021

Sarah Brooke VS Tori Avano 04/21/2021

Sarah Brooke VS Tori Avano 04/21/2021
This is one the best matches we’ve seen from a "rookie" in a while. Granted, Sarah Brooke is only a rookie for our site, she has many years of wrestling experience. Tori Avano has some training in MMA and is a professional seductrice. This match is a perfect blend of athletics and eroticism. Both girls gain control and find a way to do sexual things to their opponent. The chemistry is palpable. These lesbians really like each other and they like seeing each other on the bottom. This is a full out sex fight the entire time. From start to finish these girls are trying to dominate physically and sexually. Only one can win at the end of the day. The winner gets her strap on and fucks the loser’s face and pussy. The winner flexes while she dominates the loser. Loser is exhausted from being strapon fucked and collapses onto the winner’s open legs. The winner uses this opportunity to trib fuck the loser and get her own orgasm for the day.
Tags: strapon Scissors Facesitting Leg Scissor Squeeze lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,catfight Winner Fucks Loser

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