May 132021

Helena Locke, Lilly James, London Rose

Helena Locke, Lilly James, London Rose
We want to honor all the moms, mommies and porn MILFs this mother’s day by showcasing 3 blond bombshell porn MILFs in a mini MILF tournament. This tournament is a “best of out 3” each wrestler will get at least 2 rounds of wrestling. The MILF to win the most round wins and gets to dominate the losers. This year we have Helena Locke, London Rose and Lilly James. All three are freshmen for the season. All 3 are beautiful blonds with a badass attitude. London Rose takes on Lilly James for the first round. The seeding of the tournament puts the London Rose against Helena Locke, Then Helena Locke against Lilly James. The Winner of the most rounds is announced the winner by the ref. The winner dominates the two losers MILFS by making them lez out with passionate kissing, trib fucking, and then both are strap of fucked and made to please the winner with Oral until she cums.
Tags: Big Breasts Facesitting lesbian domination LEZDOM humiliation Strapon catfight Tribbing Winner Fucks Loser

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