London Lix – Doctor Chastity – Medical Play Fetish

You’ve come to see Dr Chastity Lix with terrible blue balls…I have you undress and immediately the issue is obvious – you’re in a cock cage! You explain that you play with a dominatrix sometimes and things got out of hand. I have the tools to get you out but…right before I’m about to release you, I decide I can have some fun with this and it just so happens to be your lucky day; I’m wearing lingerie for my boyfriend who also works here under this lab coat. I have SO many questions I need to test out – can you get hard in the cage? Does it hurt when I tease you like this as you’re locked? How much longer do you think we could keep you locked up? hehe…I can see you want out…how much is it worth to you? Just set some $$$ down and I’ll take the cage off and maybe even let you cum…maybe…
chastity,edging,jerk off instruction,joi,nurse fetish

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