London Lix – Virgin Promise

I think us dommes are a little too harsh on you virgins sometimes. Making you promise to stay a virgin forever for us. Let’s face it; that’s unrealistic, and whilst the intensity is appealing, the power of it is kind of lost on the fact that you know it’s not a real commitment. So I want to make this real for you, by having you promise to just stay a virgin for me for the next month. That’s all…30 days in which I own your cock, your orgasms, your sex life. Any dates during this time will end in you humping your hand for me. If a sexual opportunity comes up…tough luck; you promised. It’s just one month, after all. Short enough to be manageable, long enough to have real consequences and give you that fear and control boner you lust after having. Oh, and before I go…I just have one extra promise I need you to make, that just might change everything….

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