Green Guard1an Fal1s to the G0ddess 0f Lust

The Green Guardian has been looking into the disappearance of many young women. She finds her way to a hidden lair with very Roman designs. As she is looking over a statue, a Gladiator suddenly attacks her…

Now that Green Guardian has defeated the Gladiator and fully powered up, she moves on and finds herself facing a gorgeous naked woman bathed in golden light. She is Epethemia, the goddess of lust, and her power is too great for Green Guardian. The superheroine cannot resist her seductive magic. The Goddess easily negates Green Guardian’s energies and takes her. Green Guardian tries to resist throughout, but over and over her body submits to lust.

Green Guardian wakes up naked and is bound to a pole. The Gladiator she destroyed has been brought back by the Goddess, who explains that the Gladiator is going to anoint Green Guardian in holy oil so that she is purified and worthy of worshiping her new goddess. Green Guardian tries not to give in, but the oil is magic and send waves of pleasure through her body. The strong, silent Gladiator is tireless and forces Green Guardian to cum over and over, even though Green Guardian never stops trying to fight off the pleasure.

Green Guardian recovers and is bound to the pole, too weak to stand. She is a hero though and focuses, summoning her powers and breaking free. She is confronted by the goddess and a test of power ensues. Green Guardian struggles valiantly but cannot match a goddess. She is defeated and carried to the bed. The Goddess has her strong, merciless Gladiator fuck Green Guardian hard and deep, his tireless cock pounding the superheroine into complete submission.

Featuring: Costume Destruction, Bearhug, Groping, Depowering, Body/Mind Control, Lesbian Seduction, AOH bondage,
Gag, Oil, Forced Orgasm, Submission, Fingering, Bound Orgasms, Pussy Eating, Fucking

tags:superheroine,superheroines,lesbian domination,lezdom,froced orgasm,super hero, super heroines

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