Sep 032020

Corrupted By Madame Midnight 4: A Breath Of Lust

Corrupted By Madame Midnight 4: A Breath Of Lust
Picking up right where Part 3 left off, Goldfinch takes advantage of Silver Sparrow’s helping her escape by going back to their old lair and going through Silver Sparrow’s notes to try to find a way to defeat Madame Midnight. She finds an amulet to block energy spells and believes it will help her with her fight. She crashes back into Madame Midnight’s hideout armed with the amulet and intent to take her out once and for all but is surprised to find Silver Sparrow being held in a forcefield. Madame Midnight congratulates her on falling right into her trap, having discovered that her love of Silver Sparrow is her weakness but Goldfinch is resolute believing that the amulet will protect her from anything Madame Midnight can throw at her. However, Madame Midnight has another trick up her sleeve, remembering how susceptible Goldfinch was to her aphrodisiac gas she’s whipped up an extra strong batch and fills the room with it after donning her gas mask. Goldfinch becomes overtaken by intense feelings of lust and can’t stop touching herself. Madame Midnight takes advantage of her position, teasing her and getting her to lick her pussy and make her cum before pushing her back and getting something she’s always wanted, a taste of that golden pussy. However, when Goldfinch finally cums it breaks the spell and she leg locks Madame Midnight overpowering her. As she runs off to try to save Silver sparrow she doesn’t notice that Madame Midnight has relieved her of her amulet and sneaks up behind her, pushing her into the force field and trapping her with Silver Sparrow. Now that she has them both trapped again she can get to work figuring out a spell powerful enough to make them both her super villain sex slaves once and for all.
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