Michele James in Destruction of Bat Gurl – Unmasked (HD-1080p)


Detective Chase is following up on a lead. Someone has been sending photos of Barbara Gordon getting fucked to Commissioner Gordon. When Detective Chase questions her suspect he grabs her with his super strength, dragging her inside. "Get your hands off of me!" She screams as she tries to free herself. He pulls off her clothes like she’s a doll. Handcuffing her he throws her to the bed. Detective Chase is completely powerless to this inhumanly strong thug. Inside her a voice of terror begins to grow.

He slaps his big cock against her mouth and she has no choice but to suck him. He uses her throat grabbing her by the pony tail and her down. Detective Chase is quivering with fear, praying to be saved.

"Let her go!" BatGurl demands. He spins, arms around Detective Chase’s neck. "Take off your mask and belt or I’m going to snap her neck!" The thug yells. A cold wash of panic sweeps over her. "This was the thug who fucked me, I have to get out of here" Is all BatGurl can think as she does as she’s told. The thug giggles in glee, "Barbara Gordon is BatGurl!"

"Strip!" He commands. Fucking his hostage he watches as the powerful BatGurl takes off her clothes and humiliates herself. "Sorry" She says weakly as Detective Chase gets the fuck of her life in front of her. He BatGurl to taste Chase’s pussy as he pushes his big cock into her mouth. He takes turns fucking his two hot fuck toys. Making them suck on each others big tits as he splits them open. Their pussies are raw and their bodies scream in pain as he presses their faces together and shoots his big load all over them. As a final humiliation he makes BatGurl the cumslut that has to clean up. "I’m going to call my buddies over" He tells them.

"We’ll get him back for this" BatGurl whispers to Detective Chase, licking the cum off her face like a good little whore.
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