Nov 302018

We open this amazing match mid fight, Jewell Marceau and Kianna Dior are standing breast to beautiful breast in only their nylons, we can tell by the scratches on their chest flesh that this battle has been raging and they are by no means done. They claw, scratch, pinch, clash and bash their large breasts together – they back away only to get better holds so they can do some super squishing as the flesh bulges between their straining fingers, then for some sustained pinching of their pert nipples, pull and stretch those erect sore nipples till finally they both can stand no more and it’s to the floor they go for some sustained tribbing, their pussies rub together as they squirm with pain and delight. In anger they start ripping the nylons from their entangled legs as their sensual rubbing gets them hotter till again they can take no more and it’s time to go back to the breast battle. On their knees they attack till they rise to a smothering bear hug seeing who can take having their big boobs squished the longest but no winner so we end with a wild no holds barred breast attack – stomping, punching, bitting, smashing, pinching, pounding and did I mention bitting – they really unleash their demons on those soft supple large breasts – the ultimate sustained breast attack with some added sexual pleasures !!!!!!
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