Lana Violet vs. Kianna Dior
Let’s see whose the dominant Asian at – this is what Lana Violet yells to Kianna Dior from across the ring. Oh we love our gorgeous Asians here at DT and these are two of our most popular but which one is the most dominant, that’s a great question and one that can only be answered in the ring, so get it on ladies! Kianna sets the rule: who ever gets all the clothes off gets to hold the last submission as LONG AS THEY WANT. A fierce test of strength only leads to a sustained lock up as neither babe will give an inch. Finally Lana gets the busty Asian down and throws a Boston crab on her, stretching her back till Kianna has to submit and off comes her skin tight leggings. Yes, each submission causes a lose of clothing but our battle is just beginning. Kianna’s anger propels her into securing a tight choke that has Lana groggy, just enough so that she can drop her into a camel clutch, now it’s Lana’s turn to get her back stretched, she really doesn’t like it and eventually submits. Forget those tights, Kianna wants her foe bare breasted. This is the way our great strip match goes as we are treated to savage holds: scissors, over the knee back breaker, back stretcher, single leg crab, figure four leg lock, reverse figure four leg lock, Indian leg lock. We have a winner – now she gets her extended hold, she choses a killer choke that has her victim so wishing she had won. We are pleasured by two gorgeous topless Asians vying to see which is supreme, rolling their sexy bodies into wild holds that force their victims into submissions and lose of a garment, WE LOVE OUR BEAUTIFUL ASIANS
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,catfight,submission ,humiliation,overpowered,facesitting

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