May 012016

It really does suck to be you. How did you get yourself into such a mess? Do you even remember? Can you even remember life before you fell into this cycle?Your life is spiraling out of control, in a permanent cycle. You feel weak, horny and desperate to press the self destruct button. So you come to me, on your knees and with your wallet in your mouth, begging to pay me. Far from feel sorry for you, I am aroused by your destruction and allow you to binge. Eventually the binge comes to a premature end, as you splurt your loser load all over yourself and you make a promise to yourself that you will NEVER do this again.It’s only a matter of hours, sometimes minutes before the cracks start to appear and your will begins to break. You start to twitch, unable to think of anything else, desperate to feel the sheer arousal of sacrifice and humiliation. A part of your brain pleads with you not to do it, but the thought is already embedded in your mind. So you come back…. Again… Weaker and more fucked up than ever, desperate to amuse me.This is a permanent cycle. There is no get out clause. You are fucked.
This clip features elements of: Female Domination,Female Supremacy,Financial Domination,Goddess Worship,Verbal Humiliation,Sub Training,Verbal Abuse

Info :
Size : 214.51 MiB
Duration : 00:09:07
Resolution : h264, yuv420p, 1280×720, 25.00 fps(r) (und)
Format : MP4

Download – JOI_Cycle.mp4

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