Jun 172018

This 4-clip bundle includes over 50 minute of superheroines being stripped down & humiliated. To purchase any of these clips individually, click on the movie title above the description
1. Wonder Girl’s Mind-Free Strip Tease
Wonder Girl has been captured by an evil sorcerer who has mixed up a magic potion just for her. With one sip she is completely under the influence of her captor and willing to do anything he asks of her.
The heroine transforms from a feisty crime fighter, to a sexy stripper! She slowly moves to music while peeling off her uniform and giving the sorcerer a seductive lap dance.
This 10 minute clip includes superheroines, lap dance, strip tease, costumes, pantyhose and magic.
2. Stripping Supergirl
When pesky little Supergirl tries to break up Madame Cali’s sex-slave business, she quickly finds herself in over her head. Instead of taking down the madame, she falls into a trap, being prepped to become a slave herself. Madame Cali enjoys cutting Supergirl’s uniform off of her helpless body and violating her new toy. Such a fine specimen would bring in quite a pretty penny…or should she keep the blonde superheroine for herself?
This 17 minute clip includes superheroines, villains, peril, arm over head bondage, clothing destruction, forced stripping, embarrassment, groping, light girl girl, damsel in distress.
3. Batgirl Exposed
Batgirl has caught word the Harley Quinn is at it again, and this time, she is prepared to take her down. Before heading out to bring justice to this criminal, Batgirlcovers her suit in anti-dissolving, water resisting Bat-Spray so that when HQ tries to pull her usual water trap stunts, they will have no effect on her!
There is just one little problem with her plan…HQ is slick…and she has swapped out BG’s special spray with a little concoction of her own. One that will cause fabric to disappear when water hits it.
The ever so confident Batgirl marches into Harley’s lair demanding she show herself. Unfortunately, Batgirl is only met with boobie trap after boobie trap. She trips the first wire and water is dumped right in her face. She thinks she is protected and continues to search for HQ, meanwhile her clothes are disintegrating little by little. When she looks down and realizes she is in her underware, she is embarrassed and angrily demands that Harley show herself.
No can do though. All we see is YOU Batgirl…. And more traps follow. BG ends up getting her boots stuck in superglue…having her mask reeled up to the ceiling and winds up completely nude!
By the end of the day, poor Batgirl is not only trapped in this hell without bringing her enemies to justice, she is also pied in the face with woozy cream and completely humiliated as she lay naked and defeated.
This Superheroine Parody includes embarrassed naked female, enf, traps, super villains, magic.
4. Stripped to Submit
Clever Batgirl nearly escaped the clutches of her captor, the Evil Jade Indica, by using tools in her utility belt to pick the lock on the electric collar around her neck. Just as she thought she was in the clear, Jade sneaks behind her for another capture.
With Batgirl once again , Jade decides that it would be wise to remove Batgirl’s uniform. You cant have tricks up your sleeves if youre not wearing any sleeves at all.
When Batgirl comes to, she realizes that she has been defeated. Completely battered, naked and ashamed, the superheroine reluctantly begins to follow the orders of Evil Jade. The opportunity to dominate such a powerful heroine excited the villain and she takes full advantage, forcing herself onto Batgirl and having her for one humiliating task after another.
This 14 minute clip includes superheroines, villains, limp play, stripping, de-masking, de-booting, embarrassed nude, enf, peril, female domination, boot worship, g/g kissing, pantyhose.
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