“Under Her Influence: Arrested” Part 2 – Tilly McReese mesmerizes Dragonlily & Christina Carter 4K

Continued from Part 1! The HOT mini series continues (and concludes) in this episode. Naughty mesmerizing-loving schoolgirl Tilly McReese was finally arrested by Police Chief Christina Carter and her Detective Dragonlily in Part 1. We saw them drive her away from her home, intent on bringing her to the station house for questioning. Little did they suspect that her mesmerizing powers were so strong – we watched as she put both of them under her control, and while enjoying Dragonlily’s feet in the backseat, had Chief Carter drive them all back to her house.
The journey to her house concludes here, as we open up with them nearing Tilly’s house. Tilly continues to enjoy Dragonlily’s perfect nylon feet, while Chief Carter, under Tilly’s spell, drives them. They pull up to the house, as the snow/rain begins to lightly fall, as Tilly has them walk into the house. Once inside, Tilly starts a long session of control and play with these two sexy controlled cops!
First, Tilly has Detective Dragonlily and Chief Carter MAKE OUT with each other, as they kiss and fondle each other while she walks around them and watches. She has them REMOVE THEIR SHOES, and then continue the make-out session as she watches, as well as sexily taunts them. She then has them STRIP EACH OTHER out of their clothing, down to just their sheer pantyhose, and then has them continue to make out and begin fondling and straddling each other, first standing and then on the floor. Kissing and fondling each other while Tilly sits in the background and MASTURBATES herself while watching them. After the HOT session, still under Tilly’s power, Tilly has them put their clothing back on, while IMPLANTING the thoughts that Tilly is completely innocent, and that they won’t remember anything that just happened. The last we see of them, Detective Dragonlily and Chief Carter are walking out the door, thanking Tilly for her time, as she has a wicked smile on her face! Can anyone stop her!?!
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