Trance: Brainwashed t0 Imp0tence

I will never allow another women to distract you from your submission… from your duties as my obedient slave You will always be a pathetic horny submissive puppet forever…..always craving me… needing me… a slave to my beauty…a slave to my power This session will take you deep into trance, I use a guided relaxation induction to make your mind slide deep into my control. Everything feels like a pleasurable erotic experience, but like all mind fucks there is a twist to my sweet erotic feminine charms. I require total and utter devotion and worship at all times, I will not have you distracted in any way. You will fall more in love with me than you already are, your entire mind and body will ache for my attention and touch. With careful and clever brainwashing I will reprogram your mind to not respond sexually to any other women, your mind will affect you physically and your cock will no longer respond. You will be left with a pathetic shrivelled cock that never gets hard and never gives you release. There will be no sex, no oral sex and no jerking off….your body will not allow it and you will be completely useless sexually to anyone. The only release you will ever be granted is when you watch my videos… not even my pictures will stimulate you… only my videos. I will have full control and ownership of your cock, you will suffer for me and only be granted pleasure by me. Impotent forever and always humiliated….apart from when you are watching me and I decide to grant you release. clip contains: Trance, induction, mind fuck, jerk off instruction, orgasm control, eye fixation, goddess worship, love addiction,erotic magic, erotic trance, slave training
This clip features elements of: Masturbation Instruction,Trance,Mind Fuck

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