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Are you as gay as they?

Are you as gay as they?

You don’t even realize how much I’ve conditioned you to want this. Just the sound of my voice stiffens your cock in anticipation. You know what I want from you. You know what I expect. But today I’m going to pollute your mind worse than you ever imagined. You’ll be nothing but a gay faggot zombie by the time I’m done with you. And to do that…you need to be acclimatized. The more cocks and muscles I parade in front of you…the more you stroke your cock to homoerotic images…the more you listen to the sound of my voice as I penetrate your subconscious mind…the more gay you become. Is this what you really want? Do you even know anymore? Stroke for me and push your limits…this cock is going to go deeper than ever before.

Clip Contains: An unbelievable display of hung muscle studs; fucking sucking and licking each other. You’re being conditioned to be my gay faggot zombie and there is no turning back. You want this more than ever and it’s only a matter of time before I turn you completely.
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You’re going to gay gangbang Hell 720p

You can’t hide your secret homosexual desires from the Devil. She promises that in Hell, you will be used like the cumslut you are, describing the various possibilities in which you’ll be made to serve Her men and their huge cocks. Sister Lucy is concerned about your soul and prays for you to change your sick perverted ways, but your horny gay behavior convinces her that, in fact, you do deserve to burn, and get anally pounded by huge horny men in Hell. She is disgusted with you and describes how pathetic and weak you are. They both seduce and count you down to the orgasm that will ensure your damnation.
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