Find1ng Y0ur Weak Sp0t

I’ve finally found it, your weak spot. Don’t get me wrong you yelp weakling but I was always searching for that one spot that made you submit completely and utterly. That one aspect of your fucked up personality that would make you embarrassed and humiliated like no other.
You love cock don’t you? Every shape and size, flaccid, erect. You can’t get enough. Every picture of cock I show you is only going to make you weaker. Weaker and weaker until you just can’t stand pretending that you’re straight any more. What’s the point anyway? You’re gay, admit it. Admit it and cum for cock.
Clip Includes:
Female Domination, Humiliation, Goddess Worship, JOI, Sub Training, Masturbation Instruction, F0.rced Bi, Brat Girls, Cock Tease, Jerk Off Instructions, Cum Countdown, Orgasm Control, Femdom POV, S1ave Training, Gay, Masturbation Encouragement, Interactive, Big Cock, Gay Encouragement, Bisexual Humiliation
This clip features elements of: Brat Girls,Cock Worship,Female Domination,Femdom POV,Goddess Worship,Humiliation,Jerk Off Instruction,Masturbation Instruction,Cum Countdown,Gay Humiliation,Bi Humiliation, Coerced Bi,forced bi

Info :
Size: 400.87 MiB
Duration: 00:12:16
Resolution : h264, yuv420p, 1280×720, 25.00 fps(r) (eng)
Format: MP4

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