Suck C0ck t0 Erase Y0ur Debt

You’re a pathetic waste of space whose been dating my s****r.. And then you decided you’d come hit on me! I lure you into my dungeon and explain that you owe her a lot of money as she supported you and lent you a lot of cash and you wanted to pay her back by cheating on her! So I’ve come up with a better idea. I’m going to turn you gay and make you suck cock for me for money. I’m going to have you turning tricks like a good little bitch until I’m satisfied. I’m going to keep all of your personal details– passport, SS card, bank account info, email.. I’m keeping it all until you’ve paid my s****r back. So if you want to walk away, I’ll just sell your identity. No? Ok, then lets start you being the best little faggot you can with a special little injection that will help turn your sexuality around.
Soon all you’ll be seeing is cock..
Main category: Forced Bi
Additional categories: Bi Humiliation
tags:forced bi,faggot ,cock worship

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