Jun 122021

School of Hard Knocks!

School of Hard Knocks!
What a coincidence, Carly turning up at the fancy dress party dressed as a teacher, and Jasmine dressed as a naughty schoolgirl? Except Mistress Carly had it all planned…She knows about Jasmine’s affair with her husband, and turns their meeting into a painful and degrading lesson that Jasmine will never forget! BONDAGE, SPANKING, CANING, GAGGING and HARSH STRAP-ON REVENGE FUCKING are on today’s Curriculum, and plenty more besides!!!
tags:lezdom fetish,lesbian domination porn,strapon ,teacher,student,humiliation,bondage,Jasmine Sinclair

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Download – BH_02-11-2012_-_School_of_Hard_Knocks.wmv

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