Apple VS Macy Divine-Rematch

Amazon Apple knows she can beat Macy and can’t believe Macy sat on her face and fucked her to multiple orgasms in their previous encounter. Macy has a plan to neutralize Apple’s strength, size advantage and aggressive nature. She wraps her strong legs around her, controls and squeezes her like a python. Great body and head scissors have Apple frustrated and flailing around in desperation. Macy works a tight figure four head scissor but is starting to slow as fatigue sets in. A shocking conclusion occurs as one lady succumbs to the relentless pressure and aggression of her rival. She’s not even in a hold and gives up the whole match, she’s exhausted and fearful of the humiliation and humbling defeat coming her way. She’d rather give up the match and the pussy before being conquered in such an embarrassing way. Apple puts the loser’s head against the wall and pounds her pussy to orgasm while grabbing her ass and tits. A rough fucking from behind has Macy saying Oh my God and looking directly at the cameraman to break up the overzealous pussy pounding by Apple. We resumed with Macy on her back getting her clit and tits rubbed simultaneously as waves and waves of toe curling orgasms finish her off properly.
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