PT 2 Pavl0vian Brainwash1ng: The Ultimate Release

This is a Powerful erotic brainwashing session, watch in a darkened quiet room, not a clip recommended for trance beginners or the faint hearted. Email me if you have any questions. This diabolical English h.y.p.n.o.t.i.s.t has been trained in Pavlovian conditioning, a powerful form of brain washing that she has adapted to her own evil desires. One by one she is brainwashing and programming any man that crosses her path to only become attune to her sexual feminine powers… all sexual history is deleted… you are a born again virgin… you will respond to only ONE WOMEN. Prepare to be re-wired under her full control. I am please you have suffered for me and now I grant you release, but careful what you wish for, your pleasure will still be under my full control…. and sometimes too much pleasure can be a dangerous thing. This mind fuck master piece uses powerful h.y.p.n.o.s.i.s techniques that take you into the deepest trance. There your mind will be ra1ped, re-wired and conditioned to serve my evil master plan. The trigger from session 1 will be wiped from your subconscious mind and two new triggers implanted. Your need for the release I give you will manifest into a beautiful hunger for my control that will grow and magnify every day in your mind and body. Prepare yourself to experience the most powerful multiple orgasms, the most spine tingling pleasure you could ever imagine possible…. your addiction has only just begun. Clip contains: Brainwashing, h.y.p.n.o techniques, erotic h.y.p.n.o,Triggers, NLP, conditioned reflex, explicit, repeat after me, visualization, masturbation Instruction, Orgasm control, cum on command, Trance, mind fuck, mesmerize
This clip features elements of: Mental Domination,hypnosis

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