Jan 162021

Princess Lexie – Photographic Evidence

Princess Lexie – Photographic Evidence
I have some humiliating tasks for you to complete today. Just a few, simple tasks, they shouldn’t be too difficult for a loser like yourself. But there’s a little catch: I need some photographic evidence.

That’s right, after each task I will instruct you to take a selfie of yourself, proving to Me that you obeyed My command like a good boy. Isn’t it fun to humiliate yourself on camera for Me? You could even go the extra mile and film the whole thing! Show Me how pathetic and slutty you can be for your Princess while I just laugh and laugh and LAUGH at you.

You only need one item to complete these humiliating tasks…just a giant magic marker 🙂
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Download – Princess_Lexie_-_Photographic_Evidence.mp4

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