Jan 282021

Princess Ellie Idol – The Feminizing Fairy

Princess Ellie Idol – The Feminizing Fairy
A wish fairy has appeared before you after reading your dreams night after night. Turns out you wish to be a beautiful woman with perfect breasts and a lovely pussy. There will be only one spell, so are you truly prepared? There is no going back, so you’ll need to be put to the test first to make sure you don’t miss being a boy. Since fairies feed on fantasies and frustration, you’ll be doing this her way! The first week, you’ll attend school without your cock. You’ll have to go to the bathroom sitting down from now on and of course no playing with yourself at night. The following week, you’ll have no balls and the budding of tits which you’ll likely wish to hide. The Wish Fairy will then pick out a man for you and in order for this to all work, you’ll need to get fucked in the ass by him! If you pass, the transformation will be complete and permanent. Should you fail, everything will be canceled and you’ll never hear from the fairy again. So, are you ready?
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