Dec 092020

Princess Amber,Goddess Platinum – How Mean Girls Workout

Princess Amber,Goddess Platinum – How Mean Girls Workout
DESCRIPTION: So Lexi came out to hang at the Manor for a weekend but didn’t realize the gyms are still mostly closed from the lockdown. Well, we still wanted to workout, and when I mentioned to Her how great a leg workout "Scissors" are, She kind of looked at Me like She had no idea what I was talking about. So I took Her out to the Slave Quarters out back, grabbed a loser from the bunks, and proceeded to show Her.

After a quick bit of stretching, I shoved the loser’s neck between My thighs, locked My ankles, and then squeezed hard for as long as I could. It is all about the intensity of the workout. And you have to push yourself to go hard and try and squeeze the loser’s head right off it’s shoulders. I turned him the opposite direction and squeezed again. She was completely shocked but laughing and taking pictures of how pathetic the loser looked the entire time. Then it was Her turn. The little loser turned purple as She squeezed and I made sure to twist it’s tiny nipples to add to the torment.

We went through multiple positions and crushed this thing in countless ways. All scissor holds on it’s heads, while working out Our perfect legs and asses… This loser would have been in heaven if it wasn’t constantly having it’s breath taken away and getting knocked out from the pressure. Watch as Lexi and I destroy this thing, leave it broken on the floor, and then spit and step over it for one last degradation before We leave… Hahahaha… you wish it was you loser…
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