Dec 142020

Ondrea Lee – Asian Homewrecker vs Cuck Wife

Ondrea Lee – Asian Homewrecker vs Cuck Wife
We meet at a hotel,I am an Escort grinding on you and telling you how great my pussy is that I am hotter than your wife, tighter and I know how to suck your cock better and take care of you, I take off your clothes and tell you how much I have been enjoying our visits together as I suck your cock and you fuck me but 5 min in we hear a noise. Your wife opens the door and she catches you cheating! I don’t want you to stop fucking me, I don’t care if she walked in, it just feels so good. We stop fucking and me and your wife have a small cat fight, I hand cuff her and sit on her face so she can smell your cock on my pussy, I taunt her to have a taste. Then we move to the living room where I suck your dick right in front of her face and spit on her titties. I make her watch me suck you up close and contuine to spit on her titties and tummy. Then we lay her down and you fuck me while standing up and im on her body being jarred around and she can feel our passion, I take off your wedding ring and rub it on her pussy and put it in my mouth and I hold your wedding ring in my teeth while you pound me. I show her how easy it is to take. Then I tell her that I will grab her phone and record us fucking directly on top of her face so she can remember me and that my pussy is better, Im tighter and I am hotter. I take your dick out and shove it in her mouth to clean and your balls are hitting her in the face while your fucking me. When your ready to cum we shoot it all over your lovely wifes face.
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