Nov 122020

CuckQuean – Gia Vendetti (Release date: Nov 2, 2020)

CuckQuean – Gia Vendetti (Release date: Nov 2, 2020)
Description: Mistress Gia loves humiliating her slave Alexa. When Alexa tells Mistress Gia that her husband loves her, Mistress Gia laughs at her and tells her that no one loves women with small tits. She makes slave Alexa ask her husband to come there. She seduces Alexa’s husband right in front of her and turns her into a cuckquean! She makes her acknowledge that she is the better woman by kissing her hand while she steals her husband. So humiliating! HOT CUCKOLD, SEX, BLOWJOB, AND MORE!
Featuring:Alexa Nova, Gia Vendetti
Categories: Ass Worship, lesbian cuckolding, Femdom Sex,HOT CUCKOLD, BLOWJOB
tags:lezdom,lesbian domination,submission,humiliation,facesitting

Duration: 00:36:15 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 2.06 GB

Download – cuckquean3.mp4

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