Jan 242021

Obey Melanie – Zero pleasure penis trainer

Obey Melanie – Zero pleasure penis trainer
Description: I created this device to make sure my slave gets Zero pleasure when being orgasm trained. His penis is so small, I had to make sure it Never get stimulation while being milked. He will cum Without satisfaction, to remind him of the shame of having a small penis. His cock is measured, and so is his load. And to make certain he is humiliated, I make him Eat his Load right in front of me. His semen is recycled, and he is laughed at. Because there is no greater shame than eating the sperm of a small penis.
Keywords: ruined orgasm, forced handjob cumshot, verbal humiliation, cum eating,doggy style milking

Duration: 00:08:04 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 837.01 MB

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