Jan 132020

Lucia Nightmare Part 1

Lucia Nightmare Part 1
Lucia Nightmare Part 1
In her heroine debut, Lucy Westenra takes up the roll of a Starwave plagued by nightmares of a childhood spinal injury before she was healed by becoming a superheroine. Haunted and hunted by the specter of her greatest fears, the dread entity Mokilok ( played by Lu-lewd). The lines of what is real and impossible are blurred throughout this peril thriller as our noble heroine is tormented again and again through the waking and dreaming worlds by her wicked pursuer as she desperately searches for a way out.
Incredible amounts of back torture.
Beatdowns.KOs.Horror elements.Aspyxiation.Tentacles!Belly punching.Back Punching.Multiple Bear-hugs.Back Breakers/Torture Rack.Bathtub Scene/Drowning.Vehicle Scene/Impact.Groping.Simulated Oral.Simulated Cum.Jump Scares.Simulated Sex.Lots of Electrocution!Monster Parts.Fear/Desperation.Inner Dialog.Five Different Set Locations!Slapping.Eye Contact with Viewer.
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