Supergirl: Generation Zod

Starring: Ashley Lane / Will Pounder / Derrick Pierce
Synopsis: Lex Luther has gone to extraordinary measures to defeat Supergirl. this time releasing Zod from the Phantom Zone. Zod has no loyalty to anyone who is not from Krypton, quickly deviating from Luthors request.
No bare legs Pantyhose (crotch gets ripped open) Debooting (toward the end of the first sex scene) Hardcore (2 scenes) BG/BG No threesomes Some internal monologue audio Chloroform Kryptonite K.O. with chloroform Cream pie Cum on Chest Emblem No orgasms from Supergirl Blowjob scenes (not very long, roughly 5 minutes) Punches Slaps Back Breakers (multiple) Molesting Carry over shoulder Bearhug Bad Ending (choose your own adventure – if you play pass credits. If you want permanent ending – don’t watch through credits) NO open eye ending shot Narrative Focused (two day shoot to allow for more storytelling) Not a ‘beat em up’ styled film, theres a decent amount of action without becoming monotonous
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Duration: 01:20:36 Resolution: 1920×1080 Format: MPEG-4 Size: 6.16 GB

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