Mar 242021

Mistress An Li – A Little Fruity

Mistress An Li – A Little Fruity
I know your little secret. You fantasize about getting fucked in the ass. women in strap-on’s turn you on. and you enjoyed that finger up your bum a little too much. It’s your secret fantasy. But you won’t indulge it because you think it might be a little gay.

I’m here to tell you it’s ok to like it up the bum. You may be scared of owning a dildo for fear of someone finding it and learning about your lurid little secret, but here’s the thing: anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough!

Like this banana, for example. It’s just a banana. The perfect shape and size for your ass, really. Go ahead – slide it up your ass. It’s not gay.yet.
Features: this is a domestic anal masturbation video for all you bitches who are scared of being a big ol’ queer. Something to plug your bum in secret while secretly enjoying your phallic fantasies.
sissy training,anal instructions,forced bi,prostate massage

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