Madam Violet – Deep Distraction ONE Objective

Misdirection and distraction. Classic techniques. Knickerless – not so much! But I find it incredibly effective. Whilst your conscious mind is occupied with what you cannot see, your subconscious mind is so easy to infiltrate and fuck. Open up wide for Me slave as I expertly programme you with ONE OBJECTIVE. SO. FUCKNG. HOT. To be teased like this. INTENSE. So CRUEL. It’s a sensual, erotic, powerful beautiful thing, and you are deeply under My thrall. It feels incredible, you don’t even NEED the pixels to go, it’s already too much for your poor little heads. The ache is devastatingly painful and it’s all you can feel as you suspend in My web of mesmerising mind c0ntrol. YOUR Goddess wearing no panties, spreading Her long legs wide, WIDE OPEN, lovingly tending to Her soft pink lips, slipping Her fingers in Her wet hole with an evil smile on Her beautiful face because you can see NOTHING and you NEVER WILL. But god, I love to tease you with it! When I’m ready I allow you to STROKE slowly, just like I tell you to. And you listen to My fingers slide in and out as W/we stroke together, as I DRILL your pink mind hard with ONE OBJECTIVE. Pussy-mind in full on GAPE for Me like the slut it is you soak Me up. ONE so simple, so easy, so pleasurable OBJECTIVE rammed into your pussy-mind. I let you CUM but I anchor a feeling of discomfort & unease to the act – alleviated instantly, so simplya€¦by fulfilling your simple ONE OBJECTIVE. Contains: mesmerise, NLP, post -mesmerise suggestions and commands, pussy denial, JOI, cock control, slave training, mental domination, sensual domination, goddess worship, tit worship, leg worship, tease and denial, mindfuck, mind wash, slave programming, goddess worship, binaural tones.Ass Worship, FemDom POV, Goddess Worship, JOI, Leg Worship, Masturbation Encouragement, Mental Domination, Pussy Denial, Sensual Domination,

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