May 232022

(A remake of Slurp Your Stuff.) Allow yourself to become a melty puddle for me with a quick induction. It’s easy. Notice how submissive you are to my words. It’s so easy to take you down, put you in the perfect headspace. I can make you so agreeable. My words can make you do anything. You are so eager to consume that you’re practically doing all the work for me. You just need a little convincing, a little push. Let’s try tricking your brain into thinking it’s not so bad. It’s just like food. You don’t think twice before sucking frosting off your fingers. whipped cream. various sauces. Obeying me is going to taste SO good. You want to be dirty. You want to do something so unthinkably gross just to prove to yourself how much you love me. After all, you can never un-eat your cum.
Published Feb 26, 2022
JOI,CEI,Goddess Worship,Cum Eating Instructions

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