Jan 122022

Ms. Phillips calls you in to her office to congratulate you on all of your hard work. After offering you a drink, which you timidly accept, she compliments you a little more until she finally gets to the point. She needs your password to see an account you’ve been working on. As you try to tell her you can’t do that, you start to feel a bit dizzy. When she asks if you’re feeling ok, and stands up from her desk to walk over to you, you realize this was her doing. As you begin to pass out she tells you to just relax.
As you come to and your vision starts to come back in to focus, you see Ms. Phillips walking towards you slowly in lingerie and pantyhose. She asks if you’re ready to play a game with her, dragging her fingers along your pants-less thigh. She wants to play a game of “control” with you, and by now, you should know that you’re not going to win. By the time you’re done, you’re going to be begging to cum.
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