Superman – Enslaved by Star Sapphire’s Chains of Lust – Extreme Version 1080p

Superman has tracked down the seductive supervillainess Star Sapphire. Normally she is the nemesis of Green Lantern but he’s asked Superman to handle her as she makes the Lantern’s will falter. Being that will is the source of a green lanterns power Star Sapphire is a dangerous match for any green lantern

Superman tracks Star Sapphire down and as expected she plays games seductive games, hiding behind a lead screen as if that would fool the man of steel. After a innuendo filled exchange Star Sapphire tests her power against Superman and is quickly outmatched. However she is not so easily defeated and changes her costume, revealing her amazing curves and flawless skin. Immediately Star Sapphire grows in power as even the slightest bit of lustful energy from someone as powerful as Superman fills her with incredible power. Now it is Superman that is outmatched.
Star Sapphire has chained the man of steel to a device which will multiply the lustful energy that he can’t help but emit when confronted by Star Sapphires well honed seductive techniques. She edges and teases him but stops just shorty of pushing him over the edge over and over, making his lust grow beyond his control while making herself more and more powerful
Superman’s will is all but broken. He submits to Star Sapphire’s desires worshipping her as she commands and feeding even more of his lust.

Star Sapphire commands the man of steel to stroke himself for her perverted entertainment. when she can tell he is beyond ready she works him up even more with her mouth before commanding him to fuck her and finally fill her with his cum making her powerful beyond imagining
Superman doesn’t even try to resist now and he is mad with lust. With no control left he fucks Star Sapphire with all of his super strength and man handles her, slapping her and squeezing her throat until she takes more of his load all over her willing face.
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