Jan 192021

Kyra Rose vs Nikki Sequioa

Kyra Rose vs Nikki Sequioa
Nikki Sequoia has been kicking ass and taking ass. She has had a taste of victory and she loved it. Kyra Rose is tired of losing. She’s done getting fucked so she started training and getting tips on grappling. These girls go into an all out sex fight. The each get on top and face sit their opponent. Each girl is able to sweep their opponent and land into a lesbian trib fuck position. The lesbian Scissoring in highly aggressive from both of these ladies. This match is close and each girl wants to make their partner cum in round 3 just to guarantee the victory. The winner is called and then she takes her prize. The winner face fucks the loser then strap on fucks her. The dick comes off and the winner rides the loser face after she cums all over her. The winner does her victory pose over the humiliated loser before she leaves. Featuring: Kyra Rose , Nikki Sequoia
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