Dec 282020

Daisy Ducati vs Kyra Rose

Daisy Ducati vs Kyra Rose
Just when you think it’s over, its only just begun. This match ends with an orgasm on the mat. You never know who’s gonna get so turned on they cum and that’s just what happens today. Kyra Rose is utterly destroyed in the wrestling by our sexy long lethal legs Daisy Ducati but she fights very hard and eats pussy very well from the bottom. Her sex fighting is excellent and this puts Daisy into trouble. By round 3, Kyra knows it’s do or Die. She comes out like a bat out of hell and goes straight for Daisy’s pussy, using her face as a tool. One of these wrestlers is so turned on by the foreplay of the fight that she orgasms hard on the mats and loses the match. We make the round continue until the clock runs out of time so the lady who orgasmed isn’t allowed to fight back and she must take it for the duration of the round while she cums over and over and over again. Loser is trib fucked face sat and strap on fucked with the REAL COCK dildo. Her hair is pulled by while the winner utter dominates her.
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