Knightshade – D0uble Fe@ture

The dark heroine Knightshade is fast asleep and at the mercy of a twisted thug… Its late at night in Gotham Empire as an inexperienced thug tears through a lab looking for an important file for his boss, when suddenly Knightshade appears stopping him in his tracks. After a hard fought battle, Knightshade is subdued with something the thug finds in the lab knocking her . Not only has he stolen the file, but he has walked away with something even more valuable, his own personal sleeping beauty. Without thinking, he brings her back to his apartment where he explores every inch of her body right down to her soft sexy feet. Wanting to remember every sleeping moment, he captures it with a camera taking lots of pictures of his new plaything. Once his fun is over, he has one more picture to add to his collection, taking a peek under her mask and exposing her secret identity.


Knightshade has been exposed. After being defeated by a thug, she wakes up back at the lab with an envelope beside her, what she finds inside could bring her world crashing down. The thug captured every moment of her ordeal, even her secret identity with lots of incriminating photographs. Knightshade now has only one thing on her mind, revenge. She tracks down the thug and dishes out a beating, but soon finds herself once again knocked out and bound at his mercy. Now that she has come back for more, he plans to take things to the next level before vanishing for good. This time photographs wont be enough, he plans to videotape this experience and share it with the world! Once he is finished he wants every criminal in the world see the real Knightshade, and make them want a piece of this sexy dark heroine for themselves.
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