Mcstashhouse – Bluetooth Toys

Good things come to those who wait. That’s my excuse for the six month lag between new releases. That and the fact that Bluetooth Toys is an epic masterpiece over an hour long and starring three -count them three! beautiful, whited out, zombie fembots. This sequel to Dr. Mesmer’s Bluetooth Toy (Click here if you missed that one.) picks up where that movie left off with Mesmer’s conversion suit being stolen by the evil yet enticing Dr. Kitty and her nubile lab assistant. They plan on retrofitting it to take over men’s minds. But Mesmer has an ace up his sleeve, and is able to thwart their plans.

With the help of his previous victim, er um, experimental volunteer, Candee (still a bluetooth fembot) he is able to subdue his two nemeses, and convert them into obedient bluetooth toys. But due to technical difficulties, he is unable to take sexual vengeance on them himself, and must remain in his office boosting the control signal. So instead, he sends his long lost son, Nicholas Mesmer, to abuse them, er um, enjoy them, in his stead. Like father like son, good old Nick commands all three of them to perform a lesbie show. Then when they are good and wet he lines them up and fucks them in doggie. He finishes with a triple blowjob, and cum sharing. It’s nice to share!

Candee Licious and Simone Kitty return, and are joined by nubile newcomer Mia Split.
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