Humiliation You Need Me

Look at you! Beating off that pathetic little dick, begging for a minute of my time! My time is precious and you mean nothing to me. You’re nothing to me but a wallet! You go to your terrible job and you live a terrible life, beating off! You want me to give you jerk off instructions. You need me to jerk off. You want me to tell you that I want your cock? I don’t need it. I can get laid whenever I want!

If you disappeared tomorrow, no one would notice. Your life’s only purpose is to buy videos and worship me. You do it, no matter what I tell you to do, you do it! You’re a LOSER and this is your life. This is how it’s always going to be. I can do anything and buy anything with your money. You’re just a chump! What would you do if you saw me in public? You’d cum in your pants and run away, because you couldn’t handle me. Know your place, maggot.

Tags:Redhead, Small Penis, Humiliation,Financial Domination,Femdom Pov,JOI

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